Phone showing LinkedIn platform.
Posted: January 25, 2024
Author: burlesandco

How Has LinkedIn Changed, and How Does it Affect Me? 

LinkedIn can be an excellent platform for forging new business relationships and attracting potential customers. The social media platform has recently introduced some new updates that could impact marketers and business owners. 

This article will break down these updates and explain how they could affect your marketing strategy. 

1. Performance measurement tools

LinkedIn has introduced new features to measure the performance of ads on the platform. These features capture user behaviour, analyse performance, test for improvements, and gain audience insights. It also has a catalogue of certified marketing partners businesses can work with to improve customer engagement. 

LinkedIn is getting better with new updates that help with data capture, performance analysis, and campaign optimization. It’s a great advertising tool that keeps improving. 

2. Sponsored articles

Another great feature is sponsored articles, which are now available for LinkedIn Company Pages. 

Articles are valuable lead-generation tools that enable brands to share in-depth information, resources and calls to action. SSponsoring your articles can help showcase content longer, boosting brand recognition and engaging with customers more effectively. 

Repurposing evergreen content as fresh, sponsored articles ensures brands stay relevant. Specialised educational content can help attract customers. Including forms or signups in articles can increase conversion opportunities and grow your customer base. 

3. LinkedIn Daily

LinkedIn Daily is an app for learning on the go. It helps users develop skills and advance their careers by building daily learning habits. It offers bite-sized videos with quizzes and streaks to track progress.

These short, interactive videos mimic the experience of TikTok or Instagram and offer an exciting new angle for marketing campaigns. LinkedIn Daily could enable companies to share industry expertise with the masses, boosting engagement and adding credibility. 

Daily can make users spend more time on the site and strengthen connections between brands, experts, and potential customers. 

4. Featured Section 

LinkedIn’s featured section is a new customisable area that allows Company Pages to spotlight specific content rather than relying on algorithms. Businesses can curate their page, emphasising key initiatives, campaigns, employees, events and testimonials. 

This increases the relevancy of a LinkedIn page and allows companies to convey a more authentic brand identity. 

5. Profile Views

Users with a premium membership can now see which specific post attracted a profile visitor. This helps businesses identify popular content and assess whether it engages the target demographic. 

This feature allows users to identify shared interests with other companies or clients. This could generate organic connections, expand a brand’s audience base, and generate new partnerships.

6. Search Filters

LinkedIn has also improved its search filters so users can isolate content by industry, company size, or format. This has obvious benefits for users in that it helps them to find specific content more quickly and efficiently. 

However, it also allows companies to find their own historical content more easily. Companies can search through old posts to find what worked best and rework it into a new article or rework it using a different format, such as a video.

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