Mind Your F**king Business by Dominic Monkhouse
Posted: January 16, 2024
Author: burlesandco

January Book Recommendation: Mind your F**king Business by Dominic Monkhouse

Mind Your F**king Business by Dominic Monkhouse is a no-nonsense guide to challenging traditional business norms. Monkhouse shares candid insights on leadership, strategy, and growth. He urges leaders to ‘ditch the status’ quo and focus on finding the right path for their business to drive success. 

The author’s straightforward approach makes this book a compelling read for any entrepreneur or leader. It provides a fresh perspective on business growth by questioning assumptions and offering modern strategies to promote innovation and prevent stasis. 

Monkhouse warns against the tired approaches of big companies and offers advice for scaling quickly and having fun doing it. 

The key points that Monkhouse touches on are: 

  • Why you shouldn’t pay commissions to your sales team
  • How to bring your values to life
  • Why employers struggle to find, attract and retain talent
  • How to avoid pointless meetings and thrive without them 
  • How to double your turnover every year without breaking the bank

If you want to level up your business, we’re confident you’ll love Mind Your F**king Business as much as we do! 

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