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Posted: November 10, 2023
Author: burlesandco

How Coaching Can Make You A Better Leader

Leadership involves constant self-development, with all the twists and turns involved in a typically high-stress position. With this role comes the need for improvement, consistently listening to feedback from others, and creating a productive and empowering environment for both team members and clients.

It’s important to be the best version of yourself to manage a leadership role. Business coaching can help you achieve this.

Coaching can be utterly transformative for both professional and personal development. People in business often sneer at it, as misinformation has labelled coaching a sign of weakness. This couldn’t be further from the truth! The most successful leaders use coaching to take them above and beyond. 

Read this article to discover how to make the most of coaching and why it will completely revolutionise your leadership.

Coping with stress and pressure

Leadership is full of stress and pressure, which can feel overwhelming and challenging to balance. Regular coaching sessions can dramatically ease this pressure; by putting strategies in place that can help you cope and having consistent support, it is easier to deal with this pressure.

The ability to work through anxiety is the mark of a successful leader. Even if you struggle with it regularly, it shouldn’t inhibit you from high performance. 

Identifying and developing your leadership style

Coaching can also help with the most fundamental part of being a leader – finding your leadership style. Ultimately, your style comes down to who you are and what you want to achieve through your leadership.

Many leaders encounter difficulties when using a style that doesn’t suit them or their team. With coaching, you can pinpoint your personal strengths and weaknesses and gain clarity on your goals. This allows you to develop a leadership style that aligns with your personality, vision, and the needs of your business.

Improving your productivity

The most important quality of leadership is productivity. It can often feel like you have to be in multiple places at once, with multiple pairs of hands, to stay above water, but this doesn’t have to be the case.

As we’ve discussed, coaching can help you unlock your productivity and reduce your stress levels at work. In this article, we’ve outlined steps you can take to drive your productivity. Regular coaching can help you put these steps into action and lead you to success.

Enhancing your time management

Time is money, and it’s highly valuable for achieving success as a leader. Coaching can benefit you in this regard; working with a coach to master time management techniques, scheduling, task prioritisation, and making the most of technology can be extremely helpful in managing your time productively.

In addition, coaching enables you to monitor your progress with measurable results. Your growth will be easily quantifiable when you improve your time management through coaching.

Helping your team through challenges

The best benefits of coaching are the ways in which it allows you to help your team. As a leader, your team’s challenges are your own.

By using coaching to pinpoint your own strengths, you can better work through difficult tasks and situations. This can be translated to your team’s efforts. Coaching can allow you to work out what they’re struggling with and how you can support them to move forward. 

Growing in confidence

It’s a commonly-believed myth that all leaders are confident and self-assured. In fact, many people in leadership positions struggle greatly with insecurity and imposter syndrome (which we wrote an article on overcoming, handily enough)!

You’ll be given the tools to grow your confidence and self-belief through coaching and the support it brings. By improving your self-awareness, keeping you accountable, building your self-esteem, and challenging negative thought patterns, coaching will help you reach your full potential.

Finding a better work/life balance

It’s essential to leave work at work. An effective work/life balance allows you to relax and unwind fully from the day—paramount as a leader! Don’t let work stress permeate every aspect of your life or vice versa. Coaching can help with this separation, giving you the time to focus on what matters most. 

Creating a better environment for your team

As we said before, the most rewarding elements of leadership coaching are how it benefits your team. Coaching can enable you to improve on every facet of your leadership, which naturally extends to the environment you’ve created for your team.

Even if you didn’t recognise it before, coaching can make you aware of any issues in the workplace, give you the skills to address them, and then better support your employees. This improves the work environment for all members and can greatly aid confidence, performance, and retention.

Improving self-awareness and emotional intelligence

Coaching can significantly improve how you think about yourself and others. By enhancing your self-awareness, you can more easily pinpoint areas of personal weakness that may need work. You can also find areas of strength that you can accentuate and build upon in your quest to be a consistently learning leader.

Emotional intelligence, or EQ, is paramount to being an empathetic and supportive leader; developing your own emotional skill sets and recognising where other people are struggling are qualities that will lead you and your team to success.

Coaching has a multitude of benefits, not restricted to leadership. Leaders, however, can use coaching to advance their careers and businesses to even greater heights. This list is non-exhaustive, of course—coaching can help in thousands of ways!

At Burles & Co, we’ve seen them first-hand. If you have any questions or are interested in our coaching services for leaders, do get in touch.