Burles & Co., partner with the Exemplas West Yorkshire Business Boost
Posted: January 12, 2024
Author: burlesandco

Burles & Co. partner with the Exemplas West Yorkshire Business Boost

Burles & Co. is proud to be part of West Yorkshire Business Boost, a government-funded support programme run by Exemplas designed to equip local SMEs with the skills and confidence needed to drive success. 

This programme allows you to work with Burles & Co. to identify and seize business growth and innovation opportunities. The West Yorkshire Business Boost can also provide vital funding for marketing projects. 

Read on to discover how Burles & Co. and the Exemplas West Yorkshire Business Boost can help your business today. 

Innovation & Growth

We can support your SME in achieving business growth. Using our extensive marketing experience, we will assess your needs and develop effective strategies to guide you and your business forward. 

We will work one-on-one with you to fully understand the intricacies of your business, empowering you with the understanding, knowledge, and tools to reach and expand in global markets. 

Find out more about Burles & Co. Consultancy Services. 

Leadership Training

The West Yorkshire Business Boost’s Leadership training is run in conjunction with Leeds Beckett University to provide you with high-quality leadership support. At Burles & Co., we’re here to support your development and arm you with the tools needed to improve your business and expand your network. 

If you’re an ambitious individual seeking to become a better business leader, we can coach you and formulate a personalised leadership plan to help you and your business flourish. 

*Please note that you must have participated in the Innovation service to gain access to this service. 

Interested? Read more about our coaching services here. 

Who is the Exemplas West Yorkshire Business Boost for?

It’s important to note that this programme is designed specifically for SMEs in the West Yorkshire area. Therefore, unfortunately, if your business is based outside of West Yorkshire, you will not qualify for this programme. 

What are the benefits?

Partnering with Burles & Co. for the Business Boost programme has countless benefits. Here’s what you can expect if you choose to work with us. 

  • There are funding opportunities available through the West Yorkshire Business Boost programme. 
  • You will see new growth opportunities and have the skills and confidence to harness them. 
  • Improve your leadership skills and become a more effective leader for your employees. 
  • Create an environment that fosters innovation and drives success for your business. 
  • Strengthen the culture, teamwork and collaboration within your organisation to increase productivity.