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Posted: May 29, 2024
Author: burlesandco

Building a Future-ready Company

A future-ready company is ready for whatever the world throws at it, good or bad. Future-ready companies are always pushing for the next big thing. They can anticipate trends before their competitors and respond quickly to opportunities and challenges alike. 

These companies are flexible, creative, and daring. They’re not afraid to explore the latest tech or reach out to other companies for partnerships. They recognise the importance of a positive workplace culture, investing in their employees and centring their ethos around the customer, listening to what their audience wants and responding with new and exciting ideas. 

Future-ready companies are forward-thinking and willing to embrace change but are also prepared for when things don’t go their way with a solid backup plan. They don’t dwell on negative events or let their customers or employees suffer if something goes wrong; instead, they have ways to deal with setbacks constructively, using these setbacks to propel innovation and improvement further. 

But how can one build such a company? It all starts with leadership. A business leader with the right attributes can instil these qualities throughout the organisation, shaping the workplace culture, brand identity, and internal processes. By doing so, they can create a future-ready company better positioned to sustain long-term success and remain competitive in an ever-evolving business landscape. 

Microsoft and Satya Nadella

One example of an undeniably future-ready company and CEO is Microsoft and Satya Nadella. Microsoft has been in fierce competition with Apple for decades, and during COVID-19, Apple seemed to be running away with the crown. 

However, Microsoft held steady during the pandemic and continued to focus on helping corporate customers adapt and stay open for business with various innovations revolving around remote working. For example, Microsoft made various software updates to Microsoft Teams and introduced new tools like Microsoft Loop.

Alongside this, Nadella was also quietly increasing investment in Open AI, a relatively small, unassuming company at the time. Thanks to this investment, Nadella and the team at Microsoft saw the potential in Open AI and ended up with a major technological advantage over their rivals. 

Microsoft is now considered the world’s most valuable public company, with a market capitalisation of $3.2 trillion, compared to Apple’s $2.91 trillion (as of May 2024). 

Business leaders like Nadella possess the ability to keep one eye on the here and now and another on the future, spotting opportunities and future trends and committing to the vision. They embrace rather than shy away from new technologies, recognising their transformative potential.

It’s important for leaders to embody these positive attributes to ensure their business is not merely future-proof but truly future-ready and future-oriented. 

Qualities of future-ready business leaders

So, what are these leadership qualities we speak of? Let’s dive in. 

1. Decisiveness

Decisiveness is a hallmark of effective leadership. Future-ready leaders focus on tomorrow rather than yesterday. They have an analytical mind and use data to make decisions confidently. By trusting in their own judgement and the judgement of their peers, they set a clear vision and remain committed to it. 

2. Ambition

Future-ready leaders are inherently ambitious. They constantly push the envelope, seeking new opportunities for growth and innovation. Their ambition extends beyond profit; instead, they take into consideration sustainability and are open to new technologies to drive progress and create positive change.

3. Patience

In today’s competitive job market, patience is a virtue for business leaders. Leaders should understand the importance of hiring the right people and building a strong team. The best leaders are willing to invest the time and effort needed to find the perfect fit or be willing to develop existing employees through training and mentorship. 

4. Persistence

Future-ready leaders demonstrate resilience in the face of challenges, refusing to be deterred by failure. They bounce back from setbacks, using them as opportunities for learning and adapting their approach when needed to stay on course toward their business goals. 

By embodying these qualities, future-ready business leaders are better equipped to navigate the complexities of a rapidly changing business landscape and lead their organisations to sustained success in the years to come.

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