Posted: April 29, 2024
Author: burlesandco

April Book Recommendation: The 1-Page Marketing Plan by Allan Dib

The 1-Page Marketing Plan: Gain New Customers, Make More Money, And Stand Out From the Crowd is not just another marketing book. It’s a comprehensive guide that challenges the notion that effective marketing plans need to be complex and lengthy. Author Allan Dibb presents a unique approach, suggesting that any business, regardless of size, budget, or industry, can create a powerful marketing plan on a single page. If your plan can’t fit on a single page, it’s too complicated and needs revising. 

This book covers three key marketing phases and breaks down the process of creating a marketing plan into nine simple steps. These steps are designed to fit onto a single page, each represented by a square that you fill in as you follow along. 

Phase 1: Before Lead Generation 

Step 1: Select your target market

Step 2: Create a message your target market will respond to 

Step 3: Reach your prospects with advertising

Phase 2: During Lead Generation

Step 4: Capture leads in an opt-in or CRM

Step 5: Nurture those leads by following up

Step 6: Convert your prospects into customers

Phase 3: After the Prospect Becomes a Customer

Step 7: Create your tribe by delivering a world-class experience

Step 8: Increase your LCV (Lifetime Customer Value)

Step 9: Create a referral program

Dibb’s guide offers a refreshingly straightforward and actionable approach to creating a marketing plan. The 1-Page Marketing Plan provides instructions on how to create a condensed and manageable plan that can be displayed in your office for all to see. It encourages business owners to create a simple document that can be used as a reference point for their entire team, providing direction, focus and purpose. 

At Burles & Co., we’re all about making marketing less daunting for our clients. Creating and executing an effective marketing plan can often seem overwhelming and costly, but there are lots of tips and tricks out there to help. 

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